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Magnolia Flowers 3D popup greeting cards Large size (10 x 12 inch)


Magnolia Flowers 3D popup greeting cards Large size (10 x 12 inch)

  • Magnolias are one of the most loved flowering trees for their stunning blooms and dramatic white, cream, pink or purplish flowers.
  • Magnolia's meanings depend on the color of the flower and the immediate culture of the person giving and receiving the flowers. The pink magnolia flower represents the feminine, friends and love. White magnolias symbolize purity and dignity.
  • This a 3D Popup greeting card for every occasion, including Birthday, Anniversary, Valentine's Day, Teacher's Day, Graduation Season, Wedding, Mother's Day, Father's Day, Christmas, etc. for parents, grandparents, renting parents , Uncles and aunts, wives, friends, teachers, elders, thank you cards, congratulation cards, etc., to move and surprise those who care.

A beautiful 3D pop-up card with a white envelope, a poly bag, and an insert note.

Size: The height of the bouquet and flower 

Large size (10 x 12 inch)

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