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Azalea Flower (Yellow Flower) Pop Up Card


Inspired by the wonderful symbolic meaning of the Azalea Flower, our Azalea Flower (Yellow Flower) Pop Up Card is one of the best ways to convey your affections to your beloveds.


A Sweet Yellow Azalea Flower in a 3D greeting Card

Azalea Flower (Yellow Flower) Pop Up Card Azalea Flower (Yellow Flower) Pop Up Card 1

Have you ever wonder why someone sends you a beautiful flower or a lovely paper pop up flower card. Do they give it to you only because of its beauty or do they mean something else? We can say nothing for sure about that but each flower has its own symbolic meaning and one of the most inspiring flowers to us is the Azalea flower. For this reason, we have been decided to create the Azalea Flower Pop Up Card. This is a love pop up cards, which comes with eco-friendly printing and hand-assembled by skilled craftsmen. We have 2 available variations – a blue flower with a dark blue cover, and a yellow flower with a light brown cover. Therefore, you can easily choose the one that adapts to your preference most.

The inspiration for the Azalea Flower (Yellow Flower) 3D Card:

  • Azaleas are beautiful flowers that have five petals or seven petals. They are among the most popular landscaping flowers in many countries around the world. The Azalea tends to represent temperance, passion, elegance, femininity, Abundance, beauty, or intelligence.
  • They have many colors and each color signifies its own meaning. Yellow Azalea Flower is a symbol of family and friendship. Its purpose is to remind us that nothing in the world is stronger or better than the bond of these relationships. Some people believe that it also symbolizes positive energy and happiness.
Azalea Flower (Yellow Flower) Pop Up Card 2 Azalea Flower (Yellow Flower) Pop Up Card 2

Occasions for the Azalea Flower (Yellow Flower) Pop Up Card:

Our pretty Yellow Azalea flower paper pop up cards is suitable for almost all occasions and purposes. You can use it for birthdays or any other anniversaries to express your love to your family, relatives, friends, and colleagues.


A popup card, an art paper envelope, a meaning card, and notepaper covered by a plastic bag.


15 x 15cm (5,9 x 5,9 inches)

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