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Red Rose Bouquet 3D Pop-up Card Flower Small size (6 x 7.5 inch)


Red Rose Bouquet 3D Pop-up Card Flower Small size (6 x 7.5 inch)

  • This Rose Pop-up 3D Card Anniversary Valentine's Day, Birthday, Mother's Day, Gift for Rose Lover, Paper Roses Ornaments, Home Decor
  • The card is flat when folded, the recipient will be surprised as they open the card and the stunning sculpture pops up, creating a special heartwarming moment.
  • Choose a wonderful alternative to freshly delivered flowers without the environmental impact, and enjoy a longer-lasting gift.
  • The red roses stand for love and romance, blue roses symbolize mystery, yellow roses for friendship, green roses represent strength and fertility, orange roses are for joy, pink roses are for Thanksgiving, and white roses are a symbol of innocence, purity and loyalty.

A beautiful 3D pop-up card with a white envelope, a poly bag, and an insert note.

Size: The height of the bouquet and flower 

Small: 6 x 7.5 inch (15 x 20cm)
Big: 10 x 12 inch (26 x 30cm)

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