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Multicolored Lyly 3D Pop-up Card Flower Large size (10 x 12 inch)


Multicolored Lyly 3D Pop-up Card Flower Large size (10 x 12 inch)

  • Pink lilies stand for love, femininity and admiration. So they’re the perfect gift for your favorite female friends and family members when they need a little confidence boost or pick-me-up.
  • Bright and fiery, the red lily represents love and passion. It’s a welcome change to a red rose in a romantic bouquet.
  • Allergy-friendly, portable, and long-lasting, these flowers will never die, nor need watering.
  • The card is flat when folded, the recipient will be surprised as they open the card and the stunning sculpture pops up, creating a special heartwarming moment.
  • Choose a wonderful alternative to freshly delivered flowers without the environmental impact, and enjoy a longer-lasting gift made from 100% recyclable paper.

A beautiful 3D pop-up card with a white envelope, a poly bag, and an insert note.

Size: The height of the bouquet and flower 

Large size (10 x 12 inch)

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