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The new Valentine's Day Pop Up 3D cards in 2023

By Popup Cut on Feb 01, 2023

Looking for a beautiful Valentine's Day card to woo your loved one? Here's our edit of the most fetching options on the market this year...

The idea of celebrating love on the 14th of February spawned from a popular account concerning St. Valentine of Rome. It was reported that he performed weddings for Roman soldiers who were, at the time, forbidden to marry. Valentine was later imprisoned for these actions, but made a connection with his jailer by allegedly healing his ailing daughter. Before Valentine’s scheduled execution, he wrote the jailer’s daughter a letter and signed the paper “your Valentine” – hence, the first Valentine’s Day card and early history of Valentine’s Day.

From the History of Valentine’s Day to Modern Day

In our modern era, Valentine’s Day is characterized by red-tinged gift boxes, bouquets of roses, shiny gifts, romantic dinners, and other gestures of love. Jewelry stores look at the month of February as their big “holiday season,” while florists work around the clock – prepping for what is certainly the busiest sales week of the year.

Millions of festive individuals, spanning ages from three to a hundred and three, put pen to paper and scribe Valentine’s Day cards for loved ones and lovers alike. It is this last activity that encapsulates the modern spirit of Valentine’s Day – the profession of love and admiration through the written word.

Castle Love 3D Valentines Greeting Popup Cards Castle Love

But how and when exactly did the action of writing Valentine’s Day cards and exchanging gifts become commonplace?

From Chaucer to Chocolates – In mid-eighteenth century England, it became quite common for admiring individuals to exchange flowers, confectioneries, and send greeting cards on Valentine’s Day. During this time, individuals may have also sent “Saint Valentine’s keys” to one another, with the message being – “unlock your loving heart.”

Valentine’s Day Cards by the Millions – The phenomenon of mechanical automation ushered in a new era of Valentine’s card creation in the 18th century. The book entitled, The Young Man’s Valentine Writer (1797), gave ideas to young men who were unable to come up with creative messages for Valentine’s Day. But early 19th-century England saw high-volume production of preformatted Valentine’s Day cards that were available with a variety of romantic messages.

More than 60,000 Valentine’s Day cards were sent in 1835 in Britain, while today more than 150 million cards are sent each Valentine’s Day – just in America! Today, Valentine’s Day is the second most popular holiday for sending cards after the Christmas holiday.

New Love Valentine's Day card 2023

With an estimated one billion valentine greeting cards sent out annually, the cards contain the symbolic images of love as listed above. Valentine’s Day is the second largest card-sending holiday of the year after Christmas.

We are selling some love 3D popup cards for you to choose to suit your love situation. These love cards are simulated love symbols in 3D model, completely different from other types of love cards.

Romantic 3D Love Boat Cards Pop Up for Valentine

The human heart, the heart-shaped symbol and the idea of romantic love are three concepts that are separate, but inextricably linked. The easiest connection to make in the chain is between the human heart and romantic love.

The earliest concrete evidence linking the heart shape with romantic love comes from the 13th century French manuscript "Roman de la poire", in which there’s a drawing of a man holding his heart up to a woman he desires.

While certainly not the most common symbol of romantic love, birds, Dolphin, whale have been associated with Valentine’s Day for a long time

Valentine 3D Cards Pop Up Love

Different flowers meant different things, with forget-me-nots symbolizing remembrance or white lilies meaning “innocence.” Perhaps unsurprisingly, there were a few different choices when it came to saying “I love you.” Red carnations, tulips and roses were all given on Valentine’s Day in the Victorian era, but roses won out in the long run. Today, they’re the most popular Valentine’s flower by far.

3D Love Cactus Pop Up Card

Cherry and Couple 3D Pop Up Card for Wedding or Valentines

In the late 1700s, Cupid finally made his transition from high art to greeting cards when the first commercial Valentine’s cards began popping up in England. Along with hearts, flowers, and other traditional symbols of love, Cupid appeared alongside short poems on cards often anonymously sent to paramours.

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