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Symbol of Christmas pop-up cards 3d

By Huy Nguyen on Apr 16, 2022

A Christmas card is a greeting card sent as part of the traditional celebration of Christmas in order to convey between people a range of sentiments related to Christmastide and the holiday season.

Christmas cards are usually exchanged during the weeks preceding Christmas Day by many people in Western society and in Asia. The traditional greeting reads “wishing you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year”.

A Christmas card is generally commercially designed and purchased for the occasion. The content of the design might relate directly to the Symbol of Christmas such as Santa Claus, snowmen, and reindeer. The objects associated with Christmas such as candles, holly, baubles, and Christmas trees, bells, stars, evergreen trees, wreaths, angels

  1. Birthplaceof Jesus

God is the beginning of all when he decided to give humanity the first Christmas gift – that is His only begotten Son – Lord Giesu. The scene when Lord Giesu was born was very meaningful to mankind.

Pray popup card

  1. Christmas trees

The symbolic meaning of Christmas trees originates in pagan culture where the evergreen represents life, rebirth, and stamina needed to endure the winter months.

These evergreens were alight with candles, the idea here was to “light up” the darkest, coldest conditions and thereby shoo away naughty spirits. These candles represented the light of Christ.  The apples symbolized knowledge which spawned man’s original sin according to Christian belief.  Here we see the light of Christ absolving the “fall of man” within the immortal symbol of the Christmas tree.

Christmas popup card

  1. Santa Claus

The typical symbol of Santa Claus is an old man wearing a red suit with white borders, a black leather belt, a red hat with a long white beard, a witty face, and “ho ho ho” laugh. At Christmas, he receives letters from children around the world. And every Christmas night, he began his journey with a wagon pulled by nine reindeer to bring gifts and toys to the children.

Santa Claus popup card

  1. Laurel wreath

A laurel wreath is a circular wreath made of interlocking branches and leaves of the bay laurel, an aromatic broadleaf evergreen, or later from spineless butcher’s broom or cherry laurel. In Greek mythology, Apollo is represented wearing a laurel wreath on his head.

Laurel wreath popup card

  1. Cardinal Bird

Of all the Christmas symbols, Over the years, the Northern cardinal has also become associated with the Christmas season.

The cardinals are a symbol of faith and warmth with their bright red color in the dreary days of winter, during which time Christmas comes. Their red color is also a symbol or reminder of blood Jesus Christ shed for us on the cross.

That’s why the cardinal is so often seen on Christmas cards and as decorations on trees, wreaths, and garlands as well as painted on shop windows in winter or Christmas scenes

Your family will be more cozy, everyone will be happier when decorated with popup cards with the Symbol of Christmas. Send these pop out christmas cards to your friends, coworkers and your own family.

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