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Meaning and symbol of zebra

By Huy Nguyen on Apr 16, 2022

Zebras are beautiful animals well known for their distinct striped pattern. While perhaps not exactly as rare as certain species, one thing that is most interesting about these animals is their trademark black and white stripes. Every single zebra has a different and unique pattern. In many ways, their striping pattern is much like fingerprints – every stripe is unique!

There are many different symbol meanings related to zebras, and many people even find they relate to the Zebra as a spirit animal or power animal totem.

When in the wild, a zebra acts on its instincts for survival whenever in danger. The zebra calls you trust your own intuition and instincts when faced with challenges. The zebra trusts and believes that its instincts will lead it to safety. Trusting and following your instincts requires self-esteem and self-belief. The zebra calls you to believe in yourself and in your ability to face challenges.

Five Zebra Grazing on Grass Field

Zebra is reminding you that there is more than one way of looking at things. Be ready to accept alternative viewpoints and new ideas. Open your eyes to new ideas and new ways of resolving problems. Find balance and fairness in any resolution and work toward recognizing the individuals around yours.

You are also being reminded to unconditionally accept yourself and others. Embrace your individual differences and look at the whole of who you and others are.

The zebra is a great totem for those who prefer to blend in with the group. Often, zebra-people have at some point in their lives felt ostracized. The zebra helps people find a community in which they can fit, and feel safe.

As part of a team, you all have unique gifts to offer and share in order to round out your project. Things are never as simple as black or white and that everything must find balance in the world.

You enjoy working in groups and teams while recognizing the power of achievement through this method of accomplishing your goals. You easily recognize that using a balanced and productive format in groups is the best way to gain recognition for each individual involved. You enjoy challenges and actively seek them out. You also have a unique understanding of the world around you – knowing that not everything is simply black or white, right or wrong, good or bad. There is a fine line in all these matters and you as an individual are crucial in helping others understand this delicate balance.


When a zebra appears in a dream, it often means that you need to think about what features of you are unique. What aspects of your life shape your personality, feelings, and beliefs into the unique individual you are?

The zebra as a spirit animal and dream symbol wants to help you overcome limiting beliefs. The zebra challenges you to look at things differently and explore other possible solutions or belief systems.

if your dream featured a tame Zebra, it predicts gain from an unexpected source. It may also be letting you know to be aware that someone seeks to besmirch your honor and reputation.

You are also being reminded to unconditionally accept yourself and others. Embrace your individual differences and look at the whole of who you and others are.

With the meaning of the zebra’s positive symbol is the basis for my idea to design a zebra family simulation in a greeting pop up card ideas.

The Popup card model is simulated with a picture of a family of Zebras being happy together. Their family has mother horse and foal are relaxing on the green grass next to the stream, daddy horse is alertness beside.

Zebra pop-up card Zebra pop-up card

Zebra pop-up card is our fantastic greeting pop-up cards completely handcrafted, and suitable for all of the special people in your life: mom, wife, sister, niece, friends, co-worker, kids, daughter, granddaughter, grandmother, father, husband, brother, nephew, son, grandson and grandfather…

Give as gifts or use as greeting cards, you will hit the spot and will leave any wildlife lover with a big smile on their face, it also educates your children to identify the animals and helps them develop their brain.

Our holiday 3d birthday cards come with eco-friendly printing paper art, in a 15 x 15 cm size (5.9 x 5.9 inches)

Make your loved one feel happier and help your relationship become closer and closer by sending this astonished 3D popup card. The image of Zebra Family inspire us about the love and connection of family.

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