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Happy Valentine's with a Flower 3D Paper bouquet meaning

By Popup Cut on Jan 10, 2024

Are you looking for a bouquet of paper flowers to express your love on Valentine's Day?

Fresh flowers are always a good choice, but if unfortunately, the person you love is allergic to pollen, then a 3D paper flower bouquet is the best choice for you. A bouquet of paper flowers is a great way to express your feelings and can be kept for many years, the value of the card can last and be appreciated for many years to come.

Valentine's Day Flowers Meaning

Roses: Roses come in all kinds of colors and if your sweetheart gave you a red rose then that means they're head over heels for you.  White roses are a symbol of purity and if you get white and red roses then that means that you and your partner are one. Remember, while red roses stand for love and passion, pink roses hold a more poetically romantic sentiment, and yellow roses symbolize friendship.


Well if they gave you yellow roses then it looks like they are because yellow means devotion. If you receive a pink rose then it looks like you are still in the friend zone. Pink roses are a symbol of friendship.

Gerbera Daisies: The Gerbera’s message is simple: to spread happiness. It often refers to the innocence of children, so this is a great flower for parents and kids to share.


Tulips: Tulips represent elegance and grace, but red tulips are one of the most romantic flowers—their meaning is perfect love. Stick with red tulips for a romantic bouquet. Otherwise, choose pink tulips for caring and happiness, yellow tulips for cheerful thoughts, and white tulips are sent as a message of forgiveness.

Carnations: Carnations are versatile flowers with many meanings depending on their color. While pink carnations are a common Mother's Day flower, red carnations represent admiration, deep love, and affection. White carnations can also be romantic flowers, their meaning is pure love for good luck, or light red which suggests admiration. Carnations are also the first wedding anniversary flower.

Daffodils: A gift of daffodils, the tenth wedding anniversary flower, is said to ensure happiness. The bright petals represent rebirth, chivalry, devotion, or unrequited love. They're a cheerful addition to a romantic bouquet, but don't include just one single daffodil stem that represents misfortune.

Our Handmade Paper Flowers 3D popup will consistently wow and never wilt as no water is needed to keep these allergy-friendly blooms bright. With every petal made by hand from premium paper, each arrangement is like real flowers.

Valentine’s Day comes around every February 14th, and it’s an iconic day for celebrating romantic love. However, even those without a romantic partner can celebrate Valentine’s Day by sending flowers to those they care about. From friendships to extended family members to valued co-workers, there’s a flower type and color to fit every meaningful connection in your life.

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