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Frog Symbolism & Meaning(part 1)

By Huy Nguyen on Apr 16, 2022

In nature Frogs are harbingers of spring, represent birth and fertility. They hide beneath snow until things begin to melt. This creature’s songs bring in the rain, and work his special magic.

Frog Spirit Animal

The way the frog moves is demonstrative of its virtues. When it hops into your life, it also invites you to hop through whatever you’re going through right now. If you’re in a pinch in an area of your life, it may be time to jump around and shake things up, to see if you will find a way out and up. If you’re stuck in a rut, it may be time to hasten change. Frogs are also reminiscent of the seasons, reminding us that each one brings its own blessings.

Frog Power Animal

If you think you’re getting buried under the weight of your responsibilities, then it’s time to call on the frog as your power animal. The frog is an excellent guide if you need to shuffle your priorities around, especially when it comes to adjusting to the things the universe throws your way. The frog also helps you keep your emotions up despite troubles, since its joyful way of jumping about is a source of inspiration.

The frog is also someone to call on if you need help in communicating yourself. The frog is famous for its song, that resonates throughout the field and enjoins other frogs. It’s an excellent reminder of unity in communication, and the rippling change one can bring about if he lets his voice be heard.

Frog Totem Animal

As a totem animal, the frog teaches us to be adaptive and graceful when facing various issues in life. As the frog is amphibious, we should be ready to jump about when the situation demands, and to swim and stay afloat when problems arise.

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This ability to switch between “land” and “water” requires us to have a good deal of focus. It also demands intuition — the frog switches unconsciously, by muscle memory. This is something we could train into something greater. This focus and intuition can then be expanded into a unique vision that can help carry us through life.

Frog in Dreams

There can be many meanings attached to the frog, so when it hops into your dreams make sure to take note of what the frog is doing. If it is moving, it reminds you of the transient nature of life. If it stays in place, it reminds you to think about growth opportunities and avenues of abundance.

Frog Encounters / Frog Omens

When we meet frogs in our daily lives, we should take note of its symbolic properties and see how it applies to us. It may be a call for change or healing. It is also important to note that not all frog appearances are good — a frog scurrying away from you may be the omen of a natural disaster in the future.

Frog Mythology and Folklore

Almost all ancient cultures feature frogs as an agent of renewal. For example, in the Ancient Egyptian times, the frog is the symbol of resurrection. In the Roman tradition, Venus (the goddess of love) is often featured with a frog to highlight love’s transformative and regenerative properties.

Frogs may be something we are used to seeing regularly, but they hide a deep and meaningful lesson we humans could learn from.

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