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Frog pop up card

By Huy Nguyen on Apr 16, 2022

In the story of the Frog prince we see the young maiden willing to give her hand in marriage to the Frog in order to save her mother. She was rewarded when the Frog turned into a handsome prince. Here we see remarkable selflessness and the ability to see beyond surface reality to potentials.

Frog becomes an excellent helpmate on which to call when you really need to re-order your priorities, state your truth effectively, and adjust your lifestyle.

The entire life of the frog is a symbol of transition. It reminds us that though there are things lost during change, each one is an opportunity to find something better. After the egg stage, the frog loses the safety of its shell. After the tadpole stage, it loses its outstanding mobility in the water. However, at each change, it gains something far better than what it leaves behind.

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The water connection is also a symbol that with each change we gain an opportunity to cleanse ourselves and to renew. There may be stains from the past that we wish to let go of, and the best way to do so is to reinvent ourselves and move forward.

They will help you express self-love, awaken your heart, rebuild the trust, promote feelings of intimacy, calm your soul and find romance in a healthy way.

When the frog spirit animal hops into your life, it wants you to open your eyes to the opportunities that exist around you. This makes it the ideal spirit animal for your emotional release. It calls on you to detoxify your mind and body, encourages to get rid of all dark thoughts and embrace positivity.

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The shape of Frog was faithfully modeled on pop up greeting cards for birthday. A green frog with big eyes, long hind legs sitting on the leaf next to the bush. It seems to be relaxing very comfortably.

When you offer the frog popupcards to any one, you want their life have some changes in life. Maybe planning a big career move, changes personal relationships? Event looking forward to receiving a new lover?

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