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Flower Vase 3D Pop-up Card with Tulip and Daffodils meaning

By Popup Cut on Oct 27, 2023

Handmade Flower Vase 3D pop up cards it is very beautiful for Wedding day, Mother's Day, Thank you, Anniversary... Perfect for a thoughtful and sentimental gift which exudes the freshness of spring and brings joy to the greeting card recipient.

+ Tulip 3D Pop up Card

Yellow tulips stand for cheerful thoughts, orange tulips represent happiness, pink tulips mean good wishes and purple tulips refer to rebirth.

Tulips are one of the most beloved and popular flowers in the world. With their vibrant colors and delicate petals, they are a symbol of spring, new beginnings, and beauty. But beyond their aesthetic appeal, tulips have a rich history and symbolism that make them even more fascinating. Because tulips have been around for so many years they are known to symbolize many things such as honor, sympathy, deep love, and unconditional friendship, whether it is for your partner, children, family or friends.

Pink tulips are known for meaning affection, kindness, love and good wishes. Synonymous with females, pink tulips are great to send to female friends and family to show them you care.

If you want to congratulate someone on their graduation, birthday, pink tulips are the perfect flower to send as their meaning is full of kindness.  A single tulip presented to your friend is enough to show them that you appreciate them and cherish their presence in your life.

With its amazing natural look, Our Tulips Flower Bouquet 3D Pop up card Allergy-friendly portable and long-lasting without watering. This 3D Pop up card is perfect for Birthday, wedding bouquet, and a great thank-you gift.

We have 2 Size for 2 Color: Small: 6 x 7.5 inch (15 x 20cm); Big: 10 x 12 inch (26 x 30cm)

+ Daffodils 3D Pop up Card

Some cultures believe that Daffodils bring wealth. In Wales it is said that those who see the first daffodil of the season invite wealth for the following 12 months.

On a lighter note, Daffodils are given to celebrate 10 years of marriage because they symbolize joy, cheerfulness and happiness. Another common belief is that giving a single Narcissus can bring misfortune - so make sure you play it safe and always send a bunch.

Daffodil Life Sized Flower Pop-up Bouquet meaning expresses the idea of life and fertility. It is the best greeting gift. This elegant mixed floral bouquet is ready to give a happy spring to your families, friends, or your loved ones.

Daffodils 3D popup card can use it for any occasion like Valentine’s Day, Mother's Day or a loved one's birthday, Anniversary, Wedding. When the recipient opens this luxury handmade pop up card, a beautiful sculpture will pop out right in front of them, making them go 'wow!'. It's not just another card, it's a piece of art that the recipient will cherish forever.

We have 2 Size for 2 Color: Small: 6 x 7.5 inch (15 x 20cm); Big: 10 x 12 inch (26 x 30cm)

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