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Collection of Cardinal birds in 3D greeting Popup card

By Popup Cut on Sep 21, 2023

Cardinals represent luck, manifestation, devotion, setting boundaries, loyalty, and domestic harmony.  It can be a sign of good luck to see the Cardinals frequently.

Cardinals capture your attention with their bright feathers and energetic personalities. If you keep seeing cardinals everywhere or have a special encounter with a cardinal, you may wonder if there is a deeper spiritual message. So, what does it mean if a cardinal visits you?

For some the cardinal symbolizes beauty in the darkest of times, hope as an antidote to sorrow, and renewal in the bitter cold of winter. There is also a belief that if you see a cardinal bird, it symbolizes your deceased loved ones are watching out for you.  Whatever the cardinal means to you, it’s another example of the incredible beauty found in nature.

Most often when a cardinal appears in your dream, it is regarded as a very positive message, one that is urging you to follow your dreams and passions. When you see a cardinal in your dream, it can mean that you are finally being honest with yourself, and you have finally discovered who you really are.

The red bird may be giving you a message that you should accept the flaws in yourself and love yourself exactly as God made you. A cardinal appearing in your dream can also mean that something unusual will happen in your life, or positive life changes are in your future.

The Cardinal bird symbol often appears during Christmas as decorations and in Merry Christmas greeting cards. Perhaps because the feathered creatures spark joy and cheer when they appear in our yards on a wintry morning. Over the decades, several bird species have graced Christmas cards — doves (peace symbols), partridges (in a pear tree), nuthatches, blue jays, bluebirds, robins, Carolina wrens, chickadees and others.

However, the most favorite Christmas card species is the Northern cardinal. A main reason for its high popularity during the holidays, it has been said, is that red is one of two colors — the other being green — most associated with Christmas. In particular, red seems everywhere at holiday time — Santa’s suit, holly berries, Rudolph’s nose, a red bow atop the tree.

3D greeting Popup card with Cardinal model

A beautiful cardinal not only makes a special 3D greeting popup card with extensive collection but also contains many meanings and desires hidden within the symbol of the cardinal bird.

The card has a model of a bird sitting on a laurel wreath, above is an image of bells, familiar symbols of Christmas.

A couple of Cardinal birds are happily perched on a tree branch, they're wearing Santa hats on their heads

Cardinal bird perches on a tree branch with many flowers blooming around.

Cardinal bird perches on a Pine tree branch with Santa hats on heads


Each cardinal has been carefully designed, crafted in Paper-Art high-quality and detailed artwork. Depending on each model, the size will be different, but the most common are in square (5.9 x 5.9 inches) or in rectangle (5.9  x 7.9 inches).

Each card comes with a white envelope, a poly bag, and a paper note. We hope these cute red cardinal will delight you and your family for years to come!

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