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Classify animals popup card the most seller by 5 color

By Lisa Cadwell on Apr 16, 2022

Most children are fascinated by animals and often have an animal that is a particular favorite, possibly even an animal the child has never seen before.

Scientists classify the animals, as they do the plants, on the basis of shared physical characteristics, they place them in a hierarchy of groupings.

Base on the age of Kids, these hands-on animal sorting activities are great for helping kids to learn about animals, and color when they learning.

The animal can sort and classify worksheets included cover topics such as animal habitats, animal attributes, places animals live and animal classifications. There are also some animal research worksheets.

In the activity, Animals Sorting Game, students study animal traits and use these traits to sort animal cards into mammals, birds, reptiles, and invertebrates.

In this article, I would like to classify by 5 colors of the best-selling 3 d cards products in 2019 and now in the below table.

1. White animals popup card

white-cat-pop-up-card white-parrot-pop-up-card

2. Red animals popup card

ladybug-3d-popup-card cardinal-birds-mate-for-life-popup-card

3. Green animals popup card




4. Blue animals popup card

xmas-blue-birds lovely-dolphin-couple-3d-pop-up

5. Black and white animals popup card

zebra-pop-up-card panda-christmas-pop-up-card

The three-dimensional card will creat more surprises and make your life more fantastic. A pop-up card is an interesting form of papercraft consisting of folded paper that forms a three-dimensional structure when opened. They assembled from many small pieces of paper and craft together to create a 3-dimensional pop-up model.

We not only make Animal 3D popout cards, but we make a lot of different other types of pop-up cards like love popup-card; Xmas popup card, popup card for mother… Popup card are loved by all ages- our pop up cards make a memorable card that will be kept forever!

All our pop-up cards are the perfect popup card birthday, for your friends and family! Each Package includes a Pop-up card in size 15cm x 15cm (5,9 x 5,9 inches), Thank you and meaning; Wishing notepaper; emulsion Envelope, code discount, Polybag to cover and protect all.

Now we are discount 7% when you register and order. If you do not want to become a member, you can input the code “cutpop” you will be discount 5%.

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