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Christmas Wreaths symbol and popup card 3D

By Lisa Cadwell on Apr 18, 2022

Laurel Wreaths have been used as a decorative sign of Christmas for hundreds and hundreds of years. Christmas wreaths can adorn any part of your home, on doors, over the mantle, or hung in windows.

Laurel Wreaths’ meaning and symbol for growth and everlasting life. The wreath is made of evergreens, most often pine branches or holly. It is decorated with a variety of items including pine cones, holly berries, fruits.

The Laurel Wreath over the hearth brings warmth to our hearts as we stop to reflect upon the true meaning of this very special day. For some people, Christmas wreaths are not meant to be religious symbols but rather are strictly for decoration.

Have another Wreath is the Advent wreath. These wreaths were traditionally made of evergreens, which also symbolize eternal life, holly oak, and red berries. The Advent wreath is meant to hold four candles, three purple and one pink. A more modern tradition is to place a white candle in the center of the wreath.

popup card for Christmas

The first candle to be lit during Advent is meant to symbolize hope and is a purple one called the prophecy candle. On the second Sunday of Advent, another purple candle, called the Bethlehem Candle, is lit. It symbolizes love to some and the manger of Jesus to others. The pink candle, called the shepherd candle, represents joy and is lit on the third Sunday of Advent. Peace is represented by the angel candle, which is the final purple candle and is lit on the fourth Sunday of Advent. Sometimes, a fifth, white candle is added to the center of the wreath.

For some people, Christmas wreaths are not meant to be religious symbols but rather are strictly for decoration.

Christmas wreaths popup cards are made by paper art simulation the bending evergreen branches into a large circle which is then decorated with pinecones, the bell and a red bow.

When opened a Model of Christmas green wreaths pops up decorated with a candle in the middle with a “Merry Christmas”

Christmas popup card

This pop cards with size- 15 x 15 cm( 5,9 x 5,9 inches). You will definitely find this product amazing and satisfied with our 3D greeting card. Christmas is a perfect chance for people to give each other good wishes, hope for a happy New Year and full of fortune. Write your Wish on the blank paper note includes the popup card.

Christmas wreaths are a beautiful decoration for your home or office that can really show off your true holiday cheer. Spread that holiday spirit and buy a Christmas wreath for yourself or someone you love! Many companies also make events and gift greeting cards for clients. If you want to have your design or by bulk, please contact me via email or leave a message.

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