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Best Easter Eggs Pop Up Gift Cards for Kids

By Lisa Cadwell on Apr 18, 2022

Easter is one of the best occasions for family gatherings and sharing unforgettable moments. So, what are you planning for this upcoming holiday? Do you want to give your children some surprises? If the answer is ”yes”, don’t hesitate to check out these best Easter eggs pop up cards for kids. 

Colorful Rainbow Dyed Easter Egg 3D Pop Up Card 

Best Easter Eggs Pop Up Gift Cards for Kids 

Colorful Rainbow Dyed Easter Egg 3D Pop Up Card

Let start with an amazing template with a papercraft of Easter Egg. As you can see, the green cover of the card is pretty with a yellow laser-cut illustration of a Happy Easter Egg.   

When the card is opened, it will make any recipient surprise with a three-dimensional model of an egg dyed in rainbow color. The egg is in a stunning tree branches braided nest. You can consider it as a magical egg with a star inside. 

Needless to say, colorful eggs are our inspiration to create this card. They are among the most iconic symbol of Easter, which represent Jesus’ emergence from the tomb and resurrection. The Easter egg hunt is a tradition that originated from pagan spring festivals. We have this holiday to honor fertility. 

Easter is coming around. Therefore, take this opportunity to send your warmest greetings to your family and friends, near and far with a Colorful Rainbow Dyed Easter Egg pop up cards. It will definitely a great present that can make any recipient happy. 

Easter Day’s Rabbit 3D Pop Up Card   

Best Easter Eggs Pop Up Gift Cards for Kids 2

Easter Day’s Rabbit 3D Pop Up Card

Another unique option for your consideration is an Easter Rabit card. The card describes an adorable pink bunny jump out from an eggshell. It looks like he wants to invite you to join in the Easter egg hunt with him. 

Similar to the eggs, a rabbit image is also associated with the Easter holiday. According to some legend or folklore, the Easter Bunny is a long-eared, short-tailed creature that lays, decorates, and hides eggs. They are well-known as a symbol of new life and or a new beginning.  

As the spring ushers in, give this Easter Day’s Rabbit 3D Pop Up Card to your beloved ones to celebrate the first season of the year. Wish you and them a happy holiday with this cool 3d card. 

Yellow Grosbeak Bird Pop Up Card    

Best Easter Eggs Pop Up Gift Cards for Kids 3

Yellow Grosbeak Bird Pop Up Card

Need something more meaningful to touch the heart of the ones you care about? Then, what are you waiting for not impressing them with this lovely Easter-themed design? The card is a vivid pattern of a Yellow Grosbeak Bird. She is perching on the nest and guarding her eggs. 

The idea to create this stunning card is from Birds and Nature. The yellow grosbeak is a small bird native to North America. This creature symbolizes healing, forgiveness, emotional & spiritual balance, freedom, and perspective. The illustration of a bird, eggs, and the nest also represents a new beginning, hope, and motherhood. 

Let’s celebrate the joys of the season by gifting this Yellow Grosbeak Bird Pop Up Card for the one you loved. You can also use it as a sweet surprise for your parents as well as a good learning model for your kids on this holiday. 

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