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By Lisa Cadwell on Apr 18, 2022

One thing for sure is that a gift shop can offer you thousands of gift choices. However, it seems to be difficult to find a unique one for your friends or family on special occasions, right? Don’t worry! We will make it easier for you. In this post, we will show you how to make a popup card effortlessly. It will definitely be a perfect present that can touch your beloveds’ hearts.

how to make a popup card

how to make a popup card

What you need to prepare

First of all, make sure you have enough materials to make a pop-up card. You can follow our list below and buy what you need:

A pair of scissors or craft knife

Some colorful cardstocks (you need at least two pieces)

Glue (glue stick or liquid glue)

A ruler (better use metal ruler)

A pencil and rubber

Other art supplies to decorate (glitter, stamp, marker pens, coloring pencils…)

how to make a popup card 2

how to make a popup card 2

Pop up card how to make

After preparing all the necessary materials, you are ready to make your own pop-up card. Continue with our pop up card instructions:

Step 1: Take two pieces of cardstock or colorful cards and fold them in the middle.

One piece of card will be the one with pop-up images (card A). The other will be used as the card’s cover (card B). If the paper is bigger than you want, cut it to size before folding it. You can use A4 paper or 8 x 11 in (20 x 28 cm) pieces of paper to make your card.

Folding is really important in making a pop-up card. The more you fold it the more easily you can do the next step. You can also use your fingers or a ruler to smooth the fold.

Step 2: Cut the first card (Card A)

This will be the most important step. Depending on what kind of pop up images you will do, the cut will be different. There are 2 basic underlying principles of all pop-ups.

You cut in the folded edge to create a triangle tab or two parallel cuts to make a square or rectangle tab. The cuts are around 1.5cm – 3.5cm long through the folded side of the paper.

Step 3: Open card A and push the tab out.

Popping your tab (or tabs) on the card that you just cut inwards in the opposite direction. Then, fold the card and smooth the fold again. Now, the tabs are ready to be decorated.

Step 4: Stick the cards

Use the glue on the outside of card A and attach it to the inside of card B. You can stick one tab or use multiple tabs to create many layers along the width of your card.

Step 5: Decorate your card

It’s time for you to make a creative card in your own way. You can add small images to the tab, or simply decorate it with glitter, colorful ribbons, or plastic stars, etc. We also have some pop up card ideas that you can consult.

Make sure to leave a blank space and write your lovely messages on it. Plus, it will be a big mistake if you forget to decorate your card cover. Let make your card a piece of art inside out.


pop up card homemade will be a thoughtful gift for your beloved ones. It can help you spread your love as well as convey your affection. Besides the instructions above, we also have pop up card diy kits and comprehensive tutorial videos for you to make various 3d cards from animal to flower simulations. Follow us for more details.

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