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Americans often do on Christmas day

By Huy Nguyen on Apr 16, 2022

Many people in the United States celebrate Christmas Day on December 25. The day celebrates Jesus Christ’s birth. Christmas Day is a public holiday for the general population, and schools and most businesses are closed.

The United States of America has many different traditions and ways that people celebrate Christmas, because of its multi-cultural nature. Many customs are similar to ones in the UK, France, Italy, The Netherlands, Poland and Mexico.

Americans, like many of the world’s peoples, have developed their own Christmas traditions and observances, and these have changed greatly over time. The holidays” is the term that Americans often use to describe the time around Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Year.

Many people decorate their homes, visit family or friends and exchange gifts. In the days or even weeks before Christmas Day, many people decorate their homes and gardens with lights, Christmas trees and much more.

Christmas time is the most anticipated holiday season in the United States. After the Thanksgiving holiday, many Americans will purchase and decorate their Christmas trees. Finding the perfect Christmas tree can prove to be an all-day affair for many families, they love to get into the holiday spirit with Christmas decorations. The decor includes a wreath on the front door. The typical wreath is made with fresh pine tree branches and a simple red ribbon bow. Some wreaths can be quite elaborate with various ornaments, colored ribbon, and flowers. The fresh fragrance of pine combined with the cold, crisp air as you walk in the door brings about feelings of nostalgia for many Americans.

First, the tree must be selected, some households prefer to use artificial trees. Others will search around the local pop up Christmas Tree vendor for hours debating which tree would suit their living area properly. You occasionally meet a family that insists on going into the forest to find the perfect Christmas tree and chopping it down themselves. Second, the decoration commences. Lights, ornaments, tinsel, strings of popcorn, and candy canes. The tree is not complete without placing the star at the top.

Americans often do on Christmas day

Many Americans, especially Christians will go to Church to celebrate the birth of Jesus at Christmas where the story of Christmas is told. Other peoples in home and have a special meal for family or friends and exchange gifts with them.

The traditional meal for Western European families is turkey or ham with cranberry sauce. Families from Eastern European origins favor turkey with trimmings, keilbasi (a Polish sausage), cabbage dishes, and soups; and some Italian families prefer lasagna!

Roast turkey and ham are popular for Christmas dinner throughout the country, but depending on the region, so are tamales, roast goose with red cabbage, crawfish jambalaya, roast pork or “seven fishes” seafood salad.

Children, in particular, often receive a lot of gifts from their parents and other relatives and the mythical figure Santa Claus. Christmas gifts appear under the tree on the morning of December 25, deposited there by family members — or, as small children believe, delivered by Santa Claus after he lands his reindeer and sleigh on the roof and comes down the chimney.

Towns and cities often decorate the streets with lights to celebrate Christmas. Perhaps the most famous Christmas street lights in the USA are at the Rockefeller Center in New York where there is a huge Christmas Tree with a public ice skating rink in front of it over Christmas and the New Year.

Americans use a lot of Greeting cards in holiday, especially at Christmas and New Year. Although many people use e-cards, but hand-written greeting cards with the best wishes are popular.

Pop-up card are craft made by hand. It has many small piece and need to build  to come 3-dimensional model on the greeting card. There are many types of christmas tree pop up card such as Christmas and New Year, Flower, Animal…

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