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Amaze your Girl on Valentine’s Day Only with 5 Easy Steps

By Lisa Cadwell on Apr 18, 2022

After Christmas and New Year party, get ready for the next special holiday – Valentine’s Day. It’s time for you to do what you need. Just confess your love to your crush, impress your girl if you are into a relationship, or simply give your partner an unforgettable Day of Love. Well, it seems that everything is easy to say but hard to do, right? Don’t be so nervous! We will help you amaze your Girl on Valentine’s Day only with 5 Easy Steps below.

  1. Try to figure out what she likes most.

Amaze your Girl on Valentine's Day Only with 5 Easy Steps

What does she like?

Should you do not know what she is really fond of (yet), don’t be panic. There is always an answer to your question if you are willing to find it. Try to see what she does every day, what she likes, or what she comments on social media … This will help you know her better.

However, make sure not to stare at her or follow her all day. It could make you a stalker, or worse, make your girl irritate and hate you. Keep everything in secret and then surprise her at the right moment is exactly what you need.

Besides, she definitely has some close friends, right? Who could ever understand her than them? Let contact her friends and tell them about your plan. We are pretty sure that with your sincerity, you can easily convince them. Then, they will be your great supporters.

  1. Planning a perfect Valentine’s Day

Amaze your Girl on Valentine's Day Only with 5 Easy Steps 2

A Perfect Plan for her

Now we will move to the next step. A dinner date is indispensable on Valentine’s day. After you have enough supports, you absolutely need to have a plan to follow. Make a list of necessary things for that night. And then, prepare it all perfectly.

For example, if you want a romantic night on a hotel rooftop, the very first thing you must do is make a reservation. Since this idea may be similar to other guys, remember to book a table in advance for at least 1-2 weeks.

Depending on your girlfriend’s hobbies or your budget, you can also choose other places for your plan. If she likes to hear the wave sounds, take her to the beach, hire a boat, or canoe at the harbor. A sweet dinner with candles and lights on the beach can warm any girls’ hearts.

  1. Learn how to dance

Amaze your Girl on Valentine's Day Only with 5 Easy Steps 3

Learn how to dance

Some of you may not understand why you have to do this so let us explant it. Every girl dreams about having a dance with her charming prince like the Cinderella in the fairy tale. Just imagine you are having a wonderful night with wine and light music. She is in your hand and follows your lead. You two are dancing in the moonlight while enjoying the perfect melody of the song. She doesn’t stop looking at you. From that moment, you know that she is falling in love with you.

So, making your girl’s dream come true also means yours would be the same. It is never too late to learn how to dance. Take your time now and sign up for one or some dancing classes. You will use this skill a lot in the future, perhaps on your wedding day, your anniversary, or on your daughter’s Quinceanera.

  1. Don’t forget your gift

Amaze your Girl on Valentine's Day Only with 5 Easy Steps 4

for her

Apart from the dinner and the dance, another way to impress your lover is giving her a meaningful present. It does not mean you have to buy expensive or luxurious gifts. Chocolate and flowers are often used as gifts for valentine’s date. However, girls love small things that come from the heart.

You can buy her a purse that she always wanted, make your own hand-made gift, or simply cook and do all the housework for her. The man who can deal with house chores is the sexiest in the world.

Moreover, as we mentioned above, you still have her friends’ help. Ask them what she wants for this special day and they will suggest to you the most appropriate. Take this opportunity and make your girl love you more.

  1. Speak out your heart feelings

Amaze your Girl on Valentine's Day Only with 5 Easy Steps 5

Show your love

Last but not least is that you need to tell her how much you love her. Be creative with the ways you can use to do it. You can make a video to describe “how you met your love”, write a diary of love, design a memory book, or even express your feeling on a billboard… The ideas for Valentine’s Day are endless so go confidently and show her your heartfelt affection.

Besides, send a beautiful card with your present for her. Expressing your feelings through words may not easy for you, especially when you are a serious and shy boy. Therefore, this will help you a lot. There are thousands of options for you in the store on this special day. If you want something more unique for her, you can buy a 3d pop up card instead of the normal flat cards or make one by yourself.


Cut Pop Up hopes that all the above tips can help you have an amazing Valentine’s Day with the love of your life. If it might not go as plan, believe that what comes from the heart will go to the heart. Let things happen naturally and she will know your feelings. Wish you and your girl all the best. Happy Valentine’s Day.

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