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6 Remarkable 3D Pop Up Cards Inspired by Endangered Animals

By Lisa Cadwell on Apr 18, 2022

Now the human is facing many problems because of global warming and environmental pollution. We have lost not only rainforests, natural resources, but also more and more rare animal species. Though WWF is trying to save threatened species, it is not enough. To contribute to wildlife protection, we have created 6 Remarkable pop out cards Inspired by Endangered Animals. Let find out more about our efforts with the information below.

6 Remarkable Pop Up Cards Inspired by Endangered Animals

Endangered Animals

An endangered species is a population of organisms that is on the verge of extinction. They can get threatened or extinct naturally due to natural disasters, or because of human activities. If we don’t take care of these animals, they can disappear completely.

  1. Bison 3D Pop Up Card

Bison 3D Pop Up Card

Bison 3D Pop Up Card

The first animal in our collection is the American Bison. They feature a hump over the front shoulders and slimmer hindquarters. Bison also are among the largest animals in North America.

According to many myths and legends, it is a mysterious creature. People believe that the bison is the symbol of the Great Plains as well as the incarnation of the Great Mother. Its symbolic meaning represents the indomitable spirit and power.

Therefore, the Bison 3d cards will be the best wish of health and happiness for any recipients.

  1. Gorilla 3D Pop Up Card

Gorilla 3D Pop Up Card

Gorilla 3D Pop Up Card

The Cross River gorillas are the next endangered species on the WWF list. Scientists estimated that there are only about 200 to 300 of these gorillas left in the wild. Poaching and devasting forest led to the extinction of Cross River gorillas.

The gorilla, in general, symbolizes loyalty, leadership, compassion, dignity, and accountability. Its spiritual meanings are more concentrated on selflessness than individualism.

With this unique Gorilla 3D Pop Up Card, we hope you can spread the love of animals to your friends, family, and others related.

  1. Red Panda 3D Pop Up Card

Red Panda 3D Pop Up Card

Red Panda 3D Pop Up Card

The Red Panda is only found in the eastern Himalayas and southwestern China. This creature is another vulnerable species lying on the IUCN Red List.

We have designed a lovely Red Panda 3D Pop Up Card based on its real characteristics. The card describes a thick russet fur Red panda with white markings on the side of the head and its tail. He is relaxing and enjoy his day while lying on a tree branch.

This amazing Red Panda 3D Pop Up Greeting Card will undoubtedly satisfy any recipients.

  1. Panda Pop Up Card

Panda Pop Up Card

Panda Pop Up Card

We continue with another “panda” called Giant Panda. It is not a coincidence that this species was selected as the symbol of the famous WWF (World Wildlife Fund).

Giant Panda is an adorable animal with a distinctive black and white fur coat. It also showed up in the top 10 most favorite animals in the world. So, what could be better than warming your beloveds’ hearts with this lovely Panda Pop Up Card?

  1. Orca Whale Pop Up Card

Orca Whale Pop Up Card

Orca Whale Pop Up Card

The Orca whale, also known as or killer whales, is the biggest predator in the sea. This mammal is one kind of dolphin family. However, unlike dolphins, the Orca has a distinctive black-and-white coloring.

The Orca Whale represents many things, including wisdom, intelligence, and physical & emotional healing. It also a symbol of beauty, grace, strength as well as romance and protection, and long-lasting love.

All of these have inspired us to create the Orca Whale Pop Up Card. We hope that this 3d card can help you deliver your sentiments to the one you love.

  1. Macaw Parrot 3D Pop Up Card

Macaw Parrot 3D Pop Up Card

Macaw Parrot 3D Pop Up Card

Parrots are renowned as one of the most intelligent birds on this planet. They can imitate correctly words and sounds even you teach them or not. Many people feed and raise parrots as their domestic animals.

However, not all parrots can be captured and kept as pets. Macaw parrot is a typical example. This bird is beautiful with brilliant and colorful feathers. It was our inspiration to create the Macaw Parrot 3D Pop Up Card.

We have two kinds of this card for you: Parrot 3D Pop Up Card (Scarlet Macaw) and Parrot 3D Pop Up Card (Blue & Yellow Macaw). You can use it as an excellent gift for your friends or use it as a helpful learning product for kids.

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