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5 Gorgeous Flowers 3D Cut Popup Card that Symbolizes Motherhood

By Popup Cut on Mar 21, 2023

This year’s Mother’s Day is just around the corner, and you need to make plans that’ll make it special and unique. Out of all the Mother’s Day gifts that people give their moms, flower gifts are the most gorgeous.

A personalized bouquet of fresh flowers from your local florist would make the perfect gift for Mother's Day. But if your mother has a pollen allergy, choose a greeting card with a flower 3D model to give her a safe and meaningful solution on this day.

Here are 5 Gorgeous Flowers 3D Cut Popup Cards that Symbolizes Motherhood that you can choose.

  1. Carnations Flower 3D Popup card

Carnations are what come to mind when people think of mother’s Day flowers. They’re the official Mother’s Day flowers as they symbolize purity, faith, love, beauty, and charity. All these are traits believed to represent the virtues of motherhood. The white carnation is the traditional color to gift mothers on this special day as it represents all the virtues of motherhood.

  1. Daisies Flower 3D Popup card

Nothing says ‘cheerful’ quite like the daisy flowers, although they’re also a symbol of innocence, purity, and beauty. This makes it ideal for moms and moms-to-be who radiate happiness. Daisies are renowned for their robust flowering heads with a welcoming appearance that resemble sunflowers but with many bright color variations.

  1. Tulips Flower 3D Popup card

Thanks to their fresh and happy-looking appearance, tulips are ideal for that light-hearted mom who is also easygoing. They represent comfort, coziness, and happiness, making them the ideal flower gifts for Mother’s Day.

  1. Roses Flower 3D Popup card

Add roses to your mom’s bouquet if she is very traditional. While red roses are often associated with passion, the colors deep pink, peach, and ivory denote femininity, modesty, and thoughtfulness, respectively. Yellow and roses may also be the way to go because these represent a caring nature and purity.

  1. Lilies Flower 3D Popup card

The lily is famous for its beautiful appearance and symbolic appearance. Depending on the culture in different parts of the world, lilies are given to symbolize different things. Again, since they come in different colors, you can choose one that perfectly suits your mother.  Yellow lilies signify thankfulness and a desire for enjoyment, while white ones represent purity and virtue.

Many of our customers have used 3D flower cards to give their mothers in celebrations such as mother's day, birthdays, international women's day, and international happiness day... and received many positive feedbacks.

Get your mom a special flower 3D Popup card bouquet to make brighten her day this year. Don't forget to write more good wishes from your heart to your mother on this day!

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